Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Texas Big" Boutique Bows

Now here are some seriously cute BIG Texas bows! They were made for two sweet girls, Emma and Chloe, and are guaranteed to turn some heads! These bows too big for you? The good news is all of Doodle Bug Bows are custom made... so you tell me what you want and I'll be sure to make you happy!

3 views of the bows are shown due to the sheer size of these bows... it'll help you appreciate the bow and spike layers!

The following bows are the biggest ones I made... spanning an impressive 5.something inches across, weighing in at.. oh, sorry I got carried away. But seriously, these bows all have an average of 120-150" of ribbon each- yeah, I know, impressive :}
***(note: the BIG BIG bows are best either fastened tightly to a sturdy headband (soft or hard) or on a french clip to clip on top of a big girls pony tail)

Candy Cane- 3 bow/2 spike layers approx 5" across- $9.50

Polka dot blue (any name suggestions??)- 4 bow/2 spike layer approx 5" across $9.50

Chic baby pink- 4 bow/2 spike layer $10

The following bows are all for a smaller girl, approx 3" across, give ot take a few cm- just fine on an alligator clip. These particluar bows take approx 80" of ribbon to make...

Springtime green- 3 bow/2 spike layers $6.50

Pretty in Pink- 3 bow/2 spike layers $6.50

Blue Blast- (my husband named this one-ha!) 3 bow/2 spike layers (one layer has triple ribbon in it) $6.50

The Golden Rule- 2 bow/2 spike layers (both bow layers have double ribbon) $6.50

Summer in Texas (hot yellow sun, brown grass- hee hee) 3 bow/2 spike layers (one layer is double) $6.50

The little girl I made these for loves head bands... so I made her this, she's guaranteed to be the only girl in school with one!

*** can be made on thick or skinny headbands!***

Polka dot Party headband (thick band) $8

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