Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bald Babies

As some of you know, I work at Cook Childrens hospital as a physical therapist. While I consider it my privledge to work with all of the kids I see, there are those who stick with me, who grow on my heart. On one recent day, it was a sweet 1 month o...ld baby with heart defects. She had a healing scar down her chest from an open heart surgery, numerous tubes and lines connecting her to beeping machines, and with all this, what struck me most was the tiny brown bow pasted to her head. First I said to myself, "ahh, that's cute," then as I began to think about it, I understood it was her way of saying "I'm not a diesease, I am a person, and I am a GIRL!"

While bows will not cure these sweet babies, they will give a sense of normality to the lives of the families. An outward symbol of an interior truth: despite the diseases or complications these little girls have, they are still little girls. Sweet. Innocent. Precious in the eyes of their families. So, for every bow purchased, I will donate a bow equal in value to Cooks to adorn these little ones heads. If you don't need bows, simply donate a few bucks to cover costs and I'll make one in your name.

As you can imagine, there are alot of bald babies and girls at the hospital, either from age (too young to have hair) or cancer... so lets work together to bring a little bit of "normal" to their lives. Pick out your bow and e-mail me at doodlebugbows@verizon.net. Here are pics of a few I'm bringing to a sweet baby girl tomorrow.

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