Friday, August 21, 2009

Team Spirit

Here are some bows I made for one of my good friends, Jenny, in Yoakum, Texas (Go Bullgods!). She wanted "Big Texas" bows for the girls to wear to the Friday night football games!Large Korker $4 Yoakum zebra $6.50
Yoakum korker bow $6.50
Yoakum with silver $6.50
Here are some bows I made for my niece, Maddie, to wear to school to match her school uniforms. Her mom, Tabbatha, requested that they not as big and "poofy." :)

Double layer white and blue $3
Twistly white and blue $4
Black and white double layer $4
Double layer yellow $4
Pony tail bow yellow $4
Pony tail bow white $4 School days triple color $5
Pony tail red bow $4
Double layer red and white $4

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mickey and Friends

I have these adorable bottle caps of Mickey Mouse and all of his friends. The others are in the works, buy here is an example of Minnie Mouse. All charachters can be custom made to your size preference! Minnie mouse double layer $6

Back to school time!

Send your doodle bug back to school in style! Here are some custom made-to-order bows for some very cute doodle bugs!
Single polka dot red $2
Single polka dot yellow $2
Single polka dot brown and blue $2
Brown and leopard twisty $3 (takes more ribbon than single bows)
Double layer pink and black $3
Single layer rainbow with daisy & button $2.50
Single layer green with brown paisley $2.50
Sinle layer zebra & pink with korkers $3.50
Double layer red/black polka dots $4
Red and Black Polka Dots with flare $4
Single layer classic brown and pink $3
Triple layer stacked "Polka Dot Party" $5 (compare this style with that of the other Polka dot party in the below post "Hot Summer Bows"- you can see how the two styles produce something completely different!)