Friday, August 21, 2009

Team Spirit

Here are some bows I made for one of my good friends, Jenny, in Yoakum, Texas (Go Bullgods!). She wanted "Big Texas" bows for the girls to wear to the Friday night football games!Large Korker $4 Yoakum zebra $6.50
Yoakum korker bow $6.50
Yoakum with silver $6.50
Here are some bows I made for my niece, Maddie, to wear to school to match her school uniforms. Her mom, Tabbatha, requested that they not as big and "poofy." :)

Double layer white and blue $3
Twistly white and blue $4
Black and white double layer $4
Double layer yellow $4
Pony tail bow yellow $4
Pony tail bow white $4 School days triple color $5
Pony tail red bow $4
Double layer red and white $4


  1. These are great bows! I am so touched that you donate. We are very involved with pro-life organizations here in our area.

  2. How funny... I grew up in Shiner and went to high school in Gonzales -- one of our rivals was Yoakum!

    Cute bows!

    BTW, I remember you from college. I met Mike when I was a freshman in Kerr Hall. And my best friend (Michelle) and I sometimes saw y'all in church. I don't know if you remember me or not, but I recently added Mike as a friend on Facebook.