Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to school time!

Send your doodle bug back to school in style! Here are some custom made-to-order bows for some very cute doodle bugs!
Single polka dot red $2
Single polka dot yellow $2
Single polka dot brown and blue $2
Brown and leopard twisty $3 (takes more ribbon than single bows)
Double layer pink and black $3
Single layer rainbow with daisy & button $2.50
Single layer green with brown paisley $2.50
Sinle layer zebra & pink with korkers $3.50
Double layer red/black polka dots $4
Red and Black Polka Dots with flare $4
Single layer classic brown and pink $3
Triple layer stacked "Polka Dot Party" $5 (compare this style with that of the other Polka dot party in the below post "Hot Summer Bows"- you can see how the two styles produce something completely different!)

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